Slightly More Thorough

By: Alexis Aarons | @alexisaarons

Atlanta, GA – The clouds rolled in.  The weather was dreary.  Gresham Park had a level of intensity unlike anything else.  As the 10U Gresham Park Rattlers prepared to take on the Georgia Thoroughbreds the crowd went wild!  Everyone knew this was a huge game for the entire Georgia Xtreme Youth Football League.  There wasn’t a person in attendance who could have foreseen how the game was going to turn out.

The rivalry between these two teams has seemingly gone on forever.  “There’s always that pressure when you’re in first place to play as best as you can because each and every team you face wants to knock your team off,” said Coach Paul, Head Coach of the Thoroughbreds.  “We don’t count the Rattlers out.  I told the boys that this will be one of, if not the, toughest game we will play all season.”

On the first play of the game the Thoroughbreds fumbled the ball and it was picked up by the Rattlers.  It seemed like it was going to be a somewhat Rattlers dominated game, but that didn’t last very long.  During the entire first quarter it was a battle royale with the teams going back and forth.  Both teams seemed to ping-pong from offense to defense as each series consisted of a quick three plays and they were out.

By halftime the score was still tied at zero as the pressure continued to mount on the Rattlers to defeat the first place Thoroughbreds.  The crunching of helmets was deafening as hit after hit was made.  Offensively the Rattlers would chip away at a first down, but remained unsuccessful.  The Thoroughbreds QB threw a great long pass, but it was incomplete.

Half time: Thoroughbreds 0, Rattlers 0

Things sure got interesting in the third quarter when Kristopher Harrell #1 of the Georgia Thoroughbreds took it to the house!  Finally there were some points on the board.  Unfortunately the extra point was unsuccessful, but the ball game was back in action after what seemed like would be a tie game.  The Thoroughbreds knew they had to force the Rattlers to run up the middle on offense and their defensive game plan worked!

With only a few seconds to go in the game the Rattlers had the ball.  It looked like they were going to tie it up.  Rattlers were able to move the chains and get down to the 37 yard line.  Then came the final play of the game for the Rattlers.  They had to make it happen.  A loose ball was pounced on by the Thoroughbreds who continue on to remain in first place in the 10U Georgia Xtreme Youth Football League standings.

Final Score: Thoroughbreds 6, Rattlers 0


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