Welcome All Rolls On

By: Tyrell Humphries | @tyrell24

Welcome All Park was filled with screaming fans and the stage was set for a huge showdown as the Rock Chapel Bulldogs walked onto the field to Challenge the Welcome All Panthers. The Rock Chapel Bulldogs are a great team that have only lost one game this season. They planned on giving the Undefeated Welcome All Panthers their first loss, but the Panthers had different plans. The Panthers have blown out every opponent this season and they have only been scored on twice. The Bulldogs would have to play a perfect game to stop this high powered offense and stingy defense of the Panthers. After the coin toss the action picked up immediately.

          The Welcome All Panthers received the kick and went to work on offense. Just seconds into the game, quarterback #1 Deontrez Noland threw a 30 yard touchdown pass to put the Panthers on the scoreboard first 6-0. The Panthers kicked off and the Bulldogs tried to answer the quick score. The Bulldogs drove the ball down the field on offense only to have the drive stopped immediately by free safety #21 Montleco Edwards, Jr. who intercepted the ball and returned it 60 yards for the Panther’s second touchdown of the night expanding the lead12-0. The very next drive, Edwards, Jr. and the Panther’s defense stopped the Bulldogs with another turnover. Edwards, Jr. stripped the ball out of the running backs arms then jumped on top of the ball to give the Panthers offense another shot at some more points. The Panther offense took full advantage of this opportunity as Noland threw a quick slant to wide receiver #4 Mikhail Vanreil and Vanreil took the ball 60 yards for another Panther touchdown expanding the lead 18-0. The Panthers stopped the Bulldogs agin then scored on a 20 yard touchdown run expanding the lead 24-0. Rock Chapel had to switch things up immediately in order to get back into this game.

The Bulldogs came out in a formation that caused a lot of confusion to the Panthers, so the Panthers took a timeout to make the necessary adjustments but the Bulldogs saw an opening in the defense and completed an 80 yard touchdown pass to get on the scoreboard 30-6. That was the Bulldogs first and last touchdown of the game. They fought a great fight but the Welcome All Panthers were entirely too tough Saturday night. The Panthers scored 3 more touchdowns and walked away with a 50-6 victory.

The Panthers remain undefeated and continuously prove that they are an elite program. Their record and winning reputation will be tested this Saturday as they prepare to take on the undefeated Fairburn Flames. Generation Nexxt will be there to find out who will win in this clash of the giants!


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