Underdogs No More

By: Alexis Aarons

Atlanta, GA – As the regular season wraps up for the Henry County Youth Football League the competition in the Pony division was just getting ready to begin. As two top teams faced each other for the second time other plans.  Plans in the form of four hard fought quarters between the Oregon Ducks and the Virginia Tech Hokies.  JP Mosley Park was electrified as the two teams met up for the second time in the regular season.

Throughout the penalty plagued first quarter it was clear that the Hokies, who had lost to the Ducks in the first meeting of these teams, came to win.  Virginia Tech QB #1 Clifford White successfully handed the ball off as his teammates chipped away at the yardage.  On a great 8 yard run #36 Joshua Willis ran the ball in for a touchdown, but due to holding it was called back.  It wasn’t long before #36 Joshua Willis ran it in for another touchdown! The extra point by #33 Conner Crisp was good. Hokies defense held on strong to prevent the Ducks from scoring at all in the quarter.
Virginia Tech owned the second quarter, but the Ducks would stop at nothing to get themselves on the board.  With 1:43 left until halftime it was Virginia Tech’s ball again.  After an 18 yard gain for a first down it appeared that the Hokies offense had found the weak side of the Oregon defense. Instead of running up the middle the Hokies continued to cut right and run down the sideline.  The tactic lead to the second touchdown and extra point of the game for Virginia Tech.  On the 30 yard line with 19.5 second left until halftime #72 Coen Carr of the Oregon Ducks ran it in for a touchdown, but as incomplete pass to #49 Terrance Hill prevented the extra point.

Halftime: Virginia Tech 14, Oregon 6

While it looked as if the Oregon Ducks had finally found their rhythm before halftime, the Hokies #36 Joshua Willis were the first to score a touchdown in the third quarter.  The extra point was unsuccessful and the pressure was on the Ducks.  Scoring on the next drive was the only way they could’ve stayed in the game. Oregon’s QB handed the ball off to their tallest player #72 Coen Carr who ran down the field for a 43 yard field goal! The extra point here was critical, but the Ducks weren’t able to.

The last and final quarter proved to be the most exciting by far!  In fourty-five seconds the Hokies #22 Kanai Johnson had scored with an unsuccessful extra point.  Oregon couldn’t get a first down let alone a touchdown on their next possession, but their defense answered causing a serious loss of yards.  It didn’t bother the Hokies.  On the very next drive #36 Joshua Willis scored a touchdown.  No extra point and no other points were scored the remainder of the game.

Final score: Virginia Tech 33, Oregon 12


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