Vikings Invade the Jungle

12U Atlanta Vikings vs. 12 Shoal Creek Bengals

By: Tiphane Pate | @GenNexxt_Tiph

(Scottdale, GA) The spirit of competition was high and the temperatures low last Saturday night as the 12U Shoal Creek Bengals (7-1) faced off against the undefeated 12U Atlanta Vikings (8-0). The Bengals had home field advantage and no shortage of supporters. Their fans came out en masse along with the loud and proud Bengal cheerleaders, but the Vikings entered the field with the declaration that they were “ready to eat,” and their offensive line backed that up.

The game began with a battle of the defensive lines with back-to-back interceptions. The Vikings’ pick, however, led to their first touchdown at the hands of #4, Craig Philpot, putting the Vikings up 7-0. As the first quarter went on, the Bengals found themselves troubled by turnovers. On their next possession, they fumbled the ball and the Vikings recovered, pushing the chains down the field toward the opposing endzone with the help of a couple of Bengals penalties. Vikings’ number one, Jajuan White, ran it in for their second touchdown, and the first quarter ended with the Vikings over the Bengals, 14-0.

To their credit, the Bengals didn’t lose their spirit in the second quarter, but the focus of the Vikings defense continued to tilt the scales in their favor. Number eight on the Vikings defense, Markavious Sims, intercepted a pass from the Bengals quarterback early in the second quarter and outran everyone on the field for a touchdown, but the points were called back for a penalty. The Vikings refused to take “no” for an answer though, breaking tackles for first downs, and eventually sending a Viking through a pack of Bengals defenders for another touchdown.

As the game edged toward the end of the half, both teams suffered from repeated turnovers: the Vikings intercepted the Bengals, after which the Vikings fumbled and the Bengals recovered the ball. Spectators could feel the Bengals’ defense come alive and the Vikings were unable to score on their last possession of the half, so the field cleared at halftime with the Vikings unanswered, 20-0.

On the first play of the second half, #4 for the Bengals, Stephon Nettles, ran the opening kickoff into the Vikings endzone for an electrifying touchdown, putting the Bengals on the board, 20-6. It seems it may be too little too late though as the Vikings score on their next two possessions, even gaining the two-point conversion on the second play, leading Shoal Creek, 34-6. Vikings defense kept the Bengals out of their endzone for the remainder of the game and the Atlanta Vikings finish the night still undefeated.


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