A Hurricane of a Super Bowl Victory!


By Alexis Aarons

Atlanta, GA – Super Bowl Saturday commenced as the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took on the Miami Hurricanes. Having lost to the Canes in their last meeting in October with a final score of 25 to 13, the Yellow Jackets were ready for revenge.  Both teams arrived at Avalon Park in North Henry County with a 7-1 record and a trophy on their mind!

There is nothing like a kickoff return for a touchdown to get a game going! The Hurricanes were able to score on their first play of the game and #2 Julien Davis successfully executed the extra point conversion.  Yellow Jackets fans were stunned, but continued to support their team reminding players and coaches that there was still a significant amount of time left in the Super Bowl game.  Yellow Jackets star #9 Matthew Faulkner came to play breaking tackles left and right.  Poor ball handling caused a fumble by the Yellow Jackets that was recovered by the Hurricanes.   Miami, running their spread offense, could not break through the Georgia Tech defense.

Georgia Tech responded to Miami’s touchdown in the beginning of the game by having back to back successful runs for a touchdown by #2 Harrison Turman to start the second quarter.  Thanks to the efforts of #33 Michael Robinson the extra point counted and created a tie game.  Fumble number two happened, but this time it was the Hurricanes who allowed the Yellow Jackets to benefit.  It began to rain penalties against both teams.  Yellow flags were thrown out on almost every play.  First it was a facemask, then off sides followed by a false start.  After all of it, the Yellow Jackets #33 Michael Robinson ran it in for another touchdown, but the Hurricane wind started picking up.  On the next series #1 Tyler Bell of the Hurricanes ran 35 yards for a touchdown.  The score was officially tied as neither team scored the extra point on their second touchdowns.

Halftime: Yellow Jackets 13, Hurricanes 13

The third fumble of the game happened in the third quarter.  Hurricanes had gotten the ball back after a Yellow Jacket fumble, but were unable to turn it into points.  Georgia Tech gained possession and fumbled again only this time they were able to recover the ball themselves.

Delay of game penalty, holding penalty and all of a sudden it is 3rd and 35 for the Hurricanes.  To make up for the lost yardage, the Hurricanes QB threw a deep pass intended for #6 Jalen Earvin, but it was incomplete.  Facing a fierce defense that was fully aware that the game was on the line, the Yellow Jackets were unable to get beyond a first set of downs and the ball was back in the hands of the Hurricanes.  Tech’s #9 Matthew Faulkner caused a loss of yards on 4th down, but the Canes only needed two yards for the first down.  They barely got it! Time out Hurricanes with 1:07 left in the final game of the season. Back from the time out, the star of the team, #6 Jalen Earvin ran it in for a touchdown and the extra point was good.  The Miami Hurricanes won the Super Bowl!

Final: Yellow Jackets 13, Hurricanes 20

The underlying story behind these two teams is rather remarkable as they practice together, share a coaching staff and are more or less run by the same people.  Whatever these folks are doing with these young football players should absolutely be commended.  The football talent across both teams is very evenly matched and it is evident that careful attention has been paid to create fundamentally sound athletes.  Truly a great game to end the season with!


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