About GenNexxt

What is Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network?

We are the young running back who breaks his first tackle for the game winning touchdown; we are the coaches pouring years of experience and wisdom into  each malleable and eager player; we are the enthusiastic parent on the sideline proudly cheering and passionately supporting our child’s dream, we are the committed team of cheerleaders demonstrating our athleticism in every cheer, tumble, and stunt. Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network is the recognition of athletic and academic achievement, the celebration of youth and family, and the triumph of community. Generation Nexxt is youth sports.

Our mission is to cover our youth as well as the families and communities that support them. South Florida is hailed as one of the premier states for producing high school, college and professional athletes, Generation Nexxt is focused on covering the complete youth player: a player that embodies the prowess to dominate on the field, the discipline and commitment to excel in the classroom and most of all the character to represent their family, their community with integrity and honor. A star has many points, we consistently strive to shine our editorial spotlight on those who reflect these points.

Most of all, this is your publication, your television program, your website, your Youth Sports Network. Is is created, designed, produced and written for you and it will be about you. We’ve made it easy to share your stories, pictures and even your videos. With the weekly publication, a fully interactive social website that allows you to can read exclusive insider articles, views never before seen pictures, and game highlights not available anywhere else. That’s not all, we’ve partnered with the best in the industry to produce a weekly television program and a radio program with the Hall of Famer  and sports guru Larry Blustein. Plus, there’s more coming, like our iPhone application that will allow you to find the latest scores and up to the minute highlights. You put your best into every game so we believe you deserve the best coverage.

So, sign up on my GenNexxt and join the growing community of GenNexxters that share their thoughts and ideas with us and help us to shape your Sports Network.  Get ready to experience what it means to be Rated G!

Watch “Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network” featuring interviews and stories on the hottest games and happenings in youth sports every Sunday during the fall at 11:30am on NBC6 during the football season. Don’t miss interviews with the players, coaches, parent, league reps, current and former college and pro football players and much more with host Jonah Woullard, Marjorie Acosta and Scott Braun. You don’t want to miss it! Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!


7 Responses to About GenNexxt

  1. Dhimitri France says:

    Hello my name is Dhimitri and I am writing from the Commissioner Jean Monestime office. We would like to know if you have any literature or brochures on your program. If you can please email me at dfrance@miamidade.gov or feel free to call us at 305-694-2779

  2. Christopher Figueroa says:

    Come Watch the Miami Spring Hawks 150’s Play aganist Diana Beach Bears 150’s
    @ Miami Springs

  3. Coach syke says:

    Yo what’s up this is coach syke from Atlanta ga I’m tryin to see if football is as good as they say it is because my team has ran through Tampa tournaments and Daytona I was hoping we could set up something for next year some of your best teams and some of our best teams we can rotate the playing sites every year Atlanta one year Miami the next I just want to give the kids some food exposure to another level of competition I know u guys breed good football you have my e-mail my number is 4049918521



  5. earl says:

    come to gwen cherry bulls 170

  6. earl says:

    come to gwen cherry bulls 170lb

  7. terry says:

    The Liberty square colts 130 pound team, are using kids that are over age.
    The president of this league need to request school transcripts from this team before someone gets hurt.These takes away from the kids, other coaches who goes by the book.The coaches at liberty square needs to be suspended indefinitely for these actions. I am asking the league to please look into this matter.The kids that is on this team school records need to be checked; I have several sources that are positive that the kids birth certificates has been altered by coaches.The Helping hand bulls 130 pound team also have several over age kids.

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