The “Flame” still burns HOT !

12U Welcome All Panthers vs. Fairburn Flames

By: Jennifer Coe | @Gennexxt_jenni

(College Park, GA) The pressure was high at Welcome All Park, as the Metro Atlanta Youth Football League and other leagues across the city prepared for the extreme competition that would mark the final week of the regular season. The 12U Welcome All Panthers and the Fairburn Flames have had a very successful season; each team remains undefeated to this point and today they would battle to claim the undisputed spot as #1 spot and setting the stage for the playoffs.

The players took the field and lined up face-to-face, army-drill formation style, as Coach Keebo and Coach Watkins paced the center between both teams; each moment grew more and more intense, building the concentration and focus that would be exuded in this high-stakes match-up.

 The first few minutes proved that both teams were relatively equally matched and just as determined to win. Each offensive play showed little to no movement and the ball remained at the 50-yard line, surrounded by a cloud of dust, kicked up after each hard hit and countless attempt to push past the line of scrimmage. In the midst of it all, Flames #73 and Panthers #50 were ejected after a scuffle just minutes into the 1stquarter. This put both teams at a disadvantage, being that both players are starters and key players for their teams. For now, these players would watch from the sidelines and prepare themselves to come strong to help their team in the 2nd half.

Flames struggled to get up the field with Panther defense on the warpath to stop anything that moved. An interception play by Panthers #21 after a long pass turned the tables and gave them possession for the first time. #33 gave the Panthers their first appearance in the red zone, but a tackle from #7 (Flames) would stop him short of a field goal; Flames would reclaim

possession at 4th down. The Fairburn Flames played tenaciously and pulled off a few good plays in the 1st half: #1 to #19 for the first down, #3’s run along the outside, plowing through, for another 15 yards, and #19’s spectacular NFL worthy catch in the middle of two Panther defenders. On the other hand, execution wasn’t always so flawless for either team; flags, repeated penalties, interceptions, missed catches and injuries plagued both sides. This game clearly meant a lot to both teams, but it become increasingly clear that  the outcome would be determine by whoever made the least amount of mistakes, showed most discipline, and capitalized best on each opportunity to score.

Starting the 2nd half, 0-0, Coach Keebo and Coach Watkins would need to regroup and adjust their strategie. Just when the Panthers seemed ready to change the pace of the game, a slant pass was called by Coach Watkins of the Fairburn Flames at the 10-yard line, and a missed catch thrown by #1 to #4, would result in an interception by #21 for a 22-yard touchdown. Although the conversion play was unsuccessful, Fairburn was up 6-0, as the first to touch the end zone in the 3rd. Panthers answered with a 20-25 yard run for a 1st down. Somewhere within the play, #34 of the Fairburn Flames was badly injured and taken by ambulance for emergency care. It was this moment that the Fairburn Flames increased the intensity of the game even more, starting with a teeth-clinching hit by #4, taking down Panthers #33 in the very next play. Panthers #1 ran in from the 3-yard line for a touchdown, bringing the score to 6-6.

With the Panthers back on defense and 6:41 left in the 4th, Flames #3 made smashed his way through the line refusing to be taken down; so determined,  that it took #5, #50, AND #25 to stop him.

Following a major catch by #2 and a pass to #7 in the red zone, Flames were up again with a 2nd touchdown, taking the lead again, 12-6.  The clock was running out and only less than a minute remained; the Panthers would only have one more chance to tie the game or take the win if a touchdown and successful 1-pt conversion was achieved.

Panthers were almost pushed out of bounds but recovered, running up the side for a 1st down at the 13-yard line. A false start caused the Flames to be penalized and resulted in a 5-yard advance to the 9-yard line – 1st down Panthers. In the 2nd and 3rd down, Fairburn read the offense and stopped any attempt at gaining another yard. With the clock running, seconds left to the game, the Panthers quarterback throw attempted to hit his key receiver #4, only to be produce one of the most electrifying plays of the game. 

FINAL PLAY: Panthers’ ball. 17 seconds on the clock. 4th down. Fairburn’s defense took formation at the 9-yard line. The ball was snapped. #1 caught the snap and threw it into the end zone for the touchdown that would tie and take them into overtime; only to be intercepted by Flames #18, who would return the ball 100-yards up the left side for the biggest touchdown of the game! 

Final Score:  Fairburn Flames (18)  – Welcome All Panthers (6) 

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Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network: Season 4 Episode 8

Welcome to week eighth of the GenNexxt Season! We on the road today to the West Coast of Florida to catch some interleague play between the Best League and Southwest Florida Youth Football League. Generation Nexxt makes two stops on the day, one in Fort Myers to see the Dunbar Rattlers and then down to Naples to see the South Naples Pirates. We also have reports in other cities covering the FYFL, SFNYFL, Pop Warner, AYFL and Miami Xtreme. We’ll also have our tip of the week from the Dolphins Academy and go out to Sunlife Stadium for the Miami Dolphins Youth team of the week.

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Generation Nexxt visits the SWFYFL

Just this past weekend, Generation Nexxt packed up their cameras to an inside look at one of the newest founded youth football and cheer leagues in the state of Florida.

The South West Florida Youth Football League has created such a buzz in the youth sports community; we just had to see it for ourselves. Based out of the west coast of Florida, the SWFYFL is a age only league, that does not restrict its players according by their weight, but rather by their age.

The age divisions in SWFYFL are 6 and under, 8 & under, 10 & under, 12 & under, and 15 & under. This concept allows kids in their respective age groups to compete just as they do in middle school or high school football.

The has taken off in its inaugural year, which started with a kickoff classic in the  preseason which involved several youth football leagues from around the state of Florida. The momentum for the league has not slowed down one bit as they have played exciting football with crossover games with leagues all over the state as well.

The SWFYFL’s president, Steve Quinn said, “We really wanted to create a platform for these kids to compete week in and week out. As you watch these kids you can see the competition and the sense of team pride is growing single every week. We look forward to the league growing and truly becoming a part of South West Florida community.”

We have to say, the Generation Nexxt was very impressed with the SWFYFL, and we look forward to providing coverage and showcasing just how good these kids are on the west coast.

Be sure to tune in this coming Sunday on NBC6 at 12:30PM as we feature some of these exciting new teams on Generation Nexxt Youth Sports Network!

For more information on the SWFYFL visit:

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Welcome All Rolls On

By: Tyrell Humphries | @tyrell24

Welcome All Park was filled with screaming fans and the stage was set for a huge showdown as the Rock Chapel Bulldogs walked onto the field to Challenge the Welcome All Panthers. The Rock Chapel Bulldogs are a great team that have only lost one game this season. They planned on giving the Undefeated Welcome All Panthers their first loss, but the Panthers had different plans. The Panthers have blown out every opponent this season and they have only been scored on twice. The Bulldogs would have to play a perfect game to stop this high powered offense and stingy defense of the Panthers. After the coin toss the action picked up immediately.

          The Welcome All Panthers received the kick and went to work on offense. Just seconds into the game, quarterback #1 Deontrez Noland threw a 30 yard touchdown pass to put the Panthers on the scoreboard first 6-0. The Panthers kicked off and the Bulldogs tried to answer the quick score. The Bulldogs drove the ball down the field on offense only to have the drive stopped immediately by free safety #21 Montleco Edwards, Jr. who intercepted the ball and returned it 60 yards for the Panther’s second touchdown of the night expanding the lead12-0. The very next drive, Edwards, Jr. and the Panther’s defense stopped the Bulldogs with another turnover. Edwards, Jr. stripped the ball out of the running backs arms then jumped on top of the ball to give the Panthers offense another shot at some more points. The Panther offense took full advantage of this opportunity as Noland threw a quick slant to wide receiver #4 Mikhail Vanreil and Vanreil took the ball 60 yards for another Panther touchdown expanding the lead 18-0. The Panthers stopped the Bulldogs agin then scored on a 20 yard touchdown run expanding the lead 24-0. Rock Chapel had to switch things up immediately in order to get back into this game.

The Bulldogs came out in a formation that caused a lot of confusion to the Panthers, so the Panthers took a timeout to make the necessary adjustments but the Bulldogs saw an opening in the defense and completed an 80 yard touchdown pass to get on the scoreboard 30-6. That was the Bulldogs first and last touchdown of the game. They fought a great fight but the Welcome All Panthers were entirely too tough Saturday night. The Panthers scored 3 more touchdowns and walked away with a 50-6 victory.

The Panthers remain undefeated and continuously prove that they are an elite program. Their record and winning reputation will be tested this Saturday as they prepare to take on the undefeated Fairburn Flames. Generation Nexxt will be there to find out who will win in this clash of the giants!

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Dawgs On The Loose

by Artanza McGuire | @GenNexxtArtanza

(Stockbridge, GA) Even though the weather was cold and dreary on Saturday afternoon, the game between the Mustang division of the Georgia Dawgs vs Virginia Tech Hoakies was hot and intense at J.P. Mosely Park. Here’s a little background on the two teams. Thus far in the season the GA Dawgs were undefeated with an impressive 6-0 record, and VT Hoakies were 5-1, with their only loss going to the Steelers 19-7. Incidentally, the last game of the Dawgs winning streak was a 20-7 victory over the Steelers. So I had to ask myself, “Self, what made the difference when both teams played the Steelers?”

To satisfy my intellectual thirst, I spoke with Virginia Tech’s Head Coach BJ, who said that his team was just a little off that day, seeing that they were just coming off of a bye week, and that it was only the second game of the season. He made it clear that they’ve made tremendous progress since then.  I couldn’t stop there, Georgia’s Head Coach Dan Salvador told me that he plans on continuing the Dawg’s 6-0 winning streak. He was aware of Coach BJ’s potential strategy of trying to contain one of the Dawgs starring players, #4 Coreyon Cone. In response, Coach Dan made it clear that he had plenty of other players that VT should strategize and readjust for.

It was kick-off time, and the game had begun. The first quarter started off with strong defense from both teams. Immediately we could see that there was some serious speed on the field. After several good runs up the sidelines from VT’s #1 Javin Bostic and GA’s #4 Coreyon Cone, there were still no points on the board. With 1:30 seconds left in the 1st quarter, #4 Cone finally broke through the Hoakies’ defense and made an impressive run to score the first touchdown of the game.

End of 1st Quarter: 7-0

The second quarter made the game really interesting. The players were amped, the coaches were focused, and the fans were on their feet cheering for their teams. With all of the excitement, there were a couple of game changing turnovers on the field. VT’s #2 Khalil Johnson threw the ball and it was intercepted by GA’s #12 Keyshawn Logan, then later during the Dawgs’ possession QB #8 Ben Norton passed the ball to #54 Dawson Saunders and VT’s #2 Johnson came right up and stripped the ball from #54 Saunders. During a time out the referee alerted Virginia Tech that only one coach was allowed in the huddle. After following the referee’s order, VT’s coaching staff took advantage of the opportunity to enforce the leagues rules, and alerted the referee that the majority of the Dawgs’ coaching staff was in violation because they were not wearing their certification badges that all coaches are required to wear. This violation resulted in clearing almost the entire staff from the sidelines, leaving only two assistant coaches. Needless to say, in most cases, teams can become a little lost without their leader, but in the case of the GA Dawgs, they found their way to the end zone, with #4 Cone scoring his 2nd touchdown of the game.

End of 2nd Quarter: 14-0

With their hearts set on winning, the Hoakies came back in the third quarter with a new attitude, but the Dawgs weren’t haven’t it.  Georgia’s #11 Jackson Wilkerson, surprised the crowd with another touchdown followed be another successful conversion. But it was the surprise off the field that was just as shocking. I mentioned earlier that the fans were really intense, but there was one fan who expressed a tad too much excitement, and had to be escorted off of the field. Yikes!

End of 3rd Quarter: 20-0

As we entered the fourth quarter, it was the last chance for the Hoakies to make a move and execute like they’ve done all season long. They started out with some explosive runs, but wasn’t able to contend with the defensive force of the Dawgs. The Mustang Division of the Georgia Dawgs’ were able to maintain their lead and continued their winning streak, making their new record 7-0.

Final Score: HCYFL Mustang Division – Georgia Dawgs:  20 | Virginia Tech Hoakies: 0

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Slightly More Thorough

By: Alexis Aarons | @alexisaarons

Atlanta, GA – The clouds rolled in.  The weather was dreary.  Gresham Park had a level of intensity unlike anything else.  As the 10U Gresham Park Rattlers prepared to take on the Georgia Thoroughbreds the crowd went wild!  Everyone knew this was a huge game for the entire Georgia Xtreme Youth Football League.  There wasn’t a person in attendance who could have foreseen how the game was going to turn out.

The rivalry between these two teams has seemingly gone on forever.  “There’s always that pressure when you’re in first place to play as best as you can because each and every team you face wants to knock your team off,” said Coach Paul, Head Coach of the Thoroughbreds.  “We don’t count the Rattlers out.  I told the boys that this will be one of, if not the, toughest game we will play all season.”

On the first play of the game the Thoroughbreds fumbled the ball and it was picked up by the Rattlers.  It seemed like it was going to be a somewhat Rattlers dominated game, but that didn’t last very long.  During the entire first quarter it was a battle royale with the teams going back and forth.  Both teams seemed to ping-pong from offense to defense as each series consisted of a quick three plays and they were out.

By halftime the score was still tied at zero as the pressure continued to mount on the Rattlers to defeat the first place Thoroughbreds.  The crunching of helmets was deafening as hit after hit was made.  Offensively the Rattlers would chip away at a first down, but remained unsuccessful.  The Thoroughbreds QB threw a great long pass, but it was incomplete.

Half time: Thoroughbreds 0, Rattlers 0

Things sure got interesting in the third quarter when Kristopher Harrell #1 of the Georgia Thoroughbreds took it to the house!  Finally there were some points on the board.  Unfortunately the extra point was unsuccessful, but the ball game was back in action after what seemed like would be a tie game.  The Thoroughbreds knew they had to force the Rattlers to run up the middle on offense and their defensive game plan worked!

With only a few seconds to go in the game the Rattlers had the ball.  It looked like they were going to tie it up.  Rattlers were able to move the chains and get down to the 37 yard line.  Then came the final play of the game for the Rattlers.  They had to make it happen.  A loose ball was pounced on by the Thoroughbreds who continue on to remain in first place in the 10U Georgia Xtreme Youth Football League standings.

Final Score: Thoroughbreds 6, Rattlers 0

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It’s Raining! It’s Pouring! Bring On The Scoring

By: Alexis Aarons

(Atlanta, GA) – It was a showdown of two undefeated teams within the Henry County Youth Football League (HCYFL). The sky was gloomy, but the hopes were high for both the Miami Hurricanes and Georgia Tech teams within the Colts division. Going into the 10:00 a.m. game at J. P. Mosley Park the Hurricanes had yet to be scored on this season and Tech planned to change that.

Within the first quarter it was clear to see that these teams were pretty evenly matched, but it was the Georgia Tech offense who ignited first. Michael Robinson #33 started them off with a successful first down carry.  After a false start penalty came a break out run for a touchdown by Tech’s star #9 Matthew Faulkner. The extra point was good and the Hurricanes record of not being scored upon became a thing of the past.

The Miami Hurricanes offense answered right back with a touchdown of their own thanks to star WR #6 Jalen Earvin.  Without the extra point, the ‘Canes were still down, but after a quick three and out by Tech, the Hurricanes were back in control. Hand off to #1 Tyler Bell for a touchdown as the second quarter comes to a close. Solid extra point.

Halftime score: Miami Hurricanes 13, Georgia Tech 7.

Chants of “beast mode” echo from the sidelines after being started by Georgia Tech Head Coach, Coach Dustin as the second half is ushered in. Hurricanes waste no time scoring a touchdown in the third quarter, but Georgia Tech’s defense holds strong preventing the extra point.

Georgia Tech fumbles, but manages to get the ball back.  On the next play the ball is run up the middle for a gain of 5yards and a first down.  The crowd ignites!  As the rain starts to fall this is a crucial time for Tech to score.  Sure enough they do! Touchdown by #9 Matthew Faulkner of Georgia Tech. No extra point. With a little over two minutes left in the third quarter, the score is now Hurricanes 19, Georgia Tech 13.

Both teams step it up on defense not allowing either offense to score on their next several sets of drives. As the rain falls harder, the Hurricanes #6 Jalen Earvin is able to break away on a carry for a touchdown and manage to bust through the Tech defense for the extra point late in the fourth quarter.

Final score: Miami Hurricanes 26, Georgia Tech 13

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by Artanza McGuire

(Decatur, GA) It was bright and early Saturday morning, when I arrived at New Birth Park. When I walked on the field I spotted Coach Chad Mascoe, one of the defensive coaches for the 9U Decatur Army team. A Florida native, Coach Mascoe was fully aware of Generation Nexxt, and gave me the run down on the key players to watch, #1 Chad Mascoe, #2 Logan Geter, #3 Jerry Epps, #7 Ashton Patterson, #8 Quinterio Lawson, and #15 Santana Walton. While Decatur Army’s 9U Head Coach Sean Walton was running drills with the team, I asked Coach Mascoe what his thoughts were going in to this game. He expressed that the Thouroughbreds were a good team, and that this is a big rival game. He knew that that the Thoroughbreds arrived early, and had plenty of time to warm-up and get loose, so they were ready. Coach Mascoe introduced me to 9U Team Mom Sheneake Geter, mother of #2 Logan Geter, and she shared that because it was Homecoming, the park was decorated with vendors with fun activities and tables of food, food, food. As I made my way to the other end zone to check in with the Thoroughbreds, I couldn’t help but smell the aroma of salmon croquettes, grits, and sausage that was being served for breakfast.

Coach Terry Beckham, 9U Head Coach and President of the Georgia Thoroughbreds, was getting his players ready for this much anticipated match-up. Coach Beckham told me that his boys were here to play some fundamental football against another quality team. He informed me that the players to keep my eye on were #2 Abubakar Diarrassouba (affectionately known as “Rah-Rah”), #4 Deonte Ingram, #5 Xavier Wright, #11 Treyshaun Chatman, and #44 Javair Tennell. Of course I had to speak with the Team Mom Jasmine Tennell. When I asked Mom Jasmine about the teams morning rituals, she directed me to her husband and Head Coach of the 10U Thoroughbreds, Coach Paul Tennell. Coach Tennell said that they start the morning off getting a good laugh from listening to the “Russ Parr Morning Show” and then they eat the famous pre-game breakfast, waffle, sausage and fruit of your choice. Since both teams apparently had been fed well, it was time to play some Georgia Xtreme League Football!

Decatur Army started the first half off with a touchdown by #8 Lawson followed by a successful 1-point conversion by QB #1 Mascoe, setting the score 7-0. Decatur Army

kicked off the ball and the Thoroughbreds’ offense began to move the chain down the field. On their 2nd down the Thoroughbreds fumbled the ball, yet recovered it. Then #2 Diarrassouba found some holes in the Army’s d-line and ran through to get another 1st down. After head referee, Mr. White Hat, called a three minute warning, a flag was called on the Thoroughbreds an

d they were penalized back to the 32 yard line, making it their 3rd down. It was now the 4th down and the Thoroughbreds were set to score, when #2 Diarrassouba broke through and scored the first Thoroughbred touchdown, setting the score 7-6. But would it be their last?

The Army responded with a powerful drive gaining another touchdown by #8 Lawson. Then QB #1 Mascoe, threw the ball to wide receiver #3 Epps, who completed the conversion, setting a new score of 14-6. Once again the Army kicked the ball off and the Thoroughbreds’ got their 1st down at the 19 yard line. They fumbled the ball on their 2nd down, but recovered it yet again. Then #11 Chatman got the ball and started on a good strong run to the end zone, on his way through the Army, #11 Chatman made the wrong turn and was greeted by Decatur’s defensive line. After readjusting from the Thoroughbred’s last play, Decatur’s #8 Lawson was able to read the next play a

nd responded with an explosive hit against #11 Chatman, forcing possession back to Decatur. With 1:27 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, QB #1 Mascoe made the 1st down with a 70 yard drive. Now 21 yards from the end zone, #1 Mascoe threw the ball again to wide receiver #3 Epps, who caught the ball, and ended the first half 20-6.

At halftime I went to talk to Coach Beckham. While I was waiting on the sidelines, I met the Football Director of the Georgia Thoroughbreds and 10U Coach Jeff Martin. He informed me that his son #50 Chandler Martin was gearing up to play in the next game which was the 10U match up against Decatur Army. Coach Beckham shared that it’s time for his boys to wake up, he needs them to “wrap up” and execute their plays.

What’s a Homecoming with the Homecoming court? Decatur Army crowned their 9U Homecoming King, #23 Parrish Gilbert, and Queen, Cheerleader Lauren Moore. I caught up with Decatur’s 10U Cheerleaders who had been cheering the entire game. They were decorated in their black and gold uniforms with their pink bows and pink knee socks.

The 3rd quarter was fully underway and although there was a lot of action, neither team was able to score. There was a unique moment towards the end of the quarter, where Thoroughbreds’ #50 Khalim Latimore made a dynamic hit but was still down for awhile after the play was over. I thought that it was a great thing not only to see the Thoroughbreds coaching staff running on the field, but the Army’s coaches were there as well helping to make sure that #50 Latimore was okay. The 4th quarter was similar to the 3rd until the last 2:15 seconds of the game, when Decatur Army made their final move of the game. Decatur’s QB #1 Mascoe threw a beautifully executed pass to #6 Devin White scoring the final touchdown of the game. After another complete conversion by #32 De’Nylon Morrissette, the 9U Decatur Army team finished the game with a 27-6 victory, making their new record 4-2.


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UNBREAKABLE: Hoyas Clutch Close Win over Wildcats

Harrison Hoyas vs. Wheeler Wildcats

By: Jennifer Coe

(Cobb County, GA)On Saturday, the smell of competition was in the air, as two 2nd grade teams from the Cobb County Youth Football League suited up for war at Lost Mountain Park, striving to defend their 4-0 undefeated winning streak and hold the crown as “The Team to Beat”. With the playoffs not too far in their sights, the Harrison Hoyas and Wheeler Wildcats ensured this game to be a nail bitter from the first blow of the whistle.

Leaving no time to waste, Hoyas’ Quarterback #21 Chase Watkins scored the first touchdown of the day, putting his team on the board, and allowing #3 Gatlin Brody to run in the conversion for a 7-0 lead over the Wildcats. Making easy adjustments, the Wheeler Wildcats hit the ground running, answering with a touchdown of their own. #20 Da’Veon “DD” Stephens found a clear path down the middle and attacked, charging right through the defensive line and into the end zone and sealing the deal with the conversion to even the score, 7-7.


There’s no question that the Wildcats defense was no match for #21 Chase Watkins’ undeniable speed and agility, as he zipped through and around his opposition, leaving the defense in a daze with his quick moves and extraordinary footwork. Wrapping the 1st quarter, Watkins made an 11-yard run for 3rd and 10 and passed the ball off the #3 Gatlin Brody to secure an automatic 1st down after Wheeler received a penalty for a helmet grab. Kicking off the 2nd quarter, Watkins continued to move the ball, first choosing to hand it off to Brody for a 5-yard run, then choosing to take it to the outside in the very next play for a 16-yard touchdown. This would be #21 Chase Watkins 2nd touchdown and 2nd assist with the 1-pt conversion,which would be completed by #23 Grant “The Hammer” Largen.

For the remainder of the first half, defense reigned supreme. Hoyas’ #35 Colin “The Beast” Bellomy lived up to his name making two impressive tackles, taking down #4 Christopher Geter and #3 Marcus Romain in back-to-back plays. #12 Raymond Boyd moved quickly to block and take down Wildcat #3 Marcus Romain at 4th down, to take back possession of the ball at the 43-yard line. The tables soon turned, as it was now Wheeler’s turn on defensive. In 1st, 2nd and 3rd down, the Hoyas couldn’t move the ball past the line of scrimmage for a single yard. #21 Chase Watkins tried to move the ball from the middle and run it again to the outside but was stopped short by Wildcat #44 Trenton Wanjogu at the 41-yard line. #63 Braylon Young solidified the plan of attack, taking down #3 Gatlin Brody in the next play, which would also be a 4th down for the Hoyas. Failing to reach the end zone, the Wildcats took possession yet again for another attempt at the red zone. #3 Marcus Romain made persistent efforts to break through Hoyas’ heavy-duty defensive, but not enough to get past “The Beast” (#35 Colin Bellomy) and “The Caveman” (#10  T.C. Washington) with backfield tackles that would end the 1st half, and allow Harrison to keep their lead to start the 2nd half, 14-7.

In the very first play of the 3rd quarter, the Wheeler Wildcats proved to be just as hungry for a win, as they took possession of the ball and #4 Christopher Geter ran 62-yards for a 2nd touchdown. This seemed to wake up the Hoyas almost immediately; defense got back on the line, and this time, stopped the Wildcats from securing the extra point in the conversion. It was at this point that the Hoyas were put on high alert; underestimating the opposing team would be the unwise and close attention would be required if they were going to try and keep a solid lead, with only one-point making all the difference.

The Harrison Hoyas suffered a close call in the 3rd, after a loose ball almost cost them a fumble to lose possession; however, the ball was recovered by Hoyas offense at the 30-yard line and they were able to keep control of the ball. #35 Colin Bellomy ran 5-yards to the 25, followed by  16-yard run by #21 Chase Watkins for a 1st down; #23 Grant Largen would gain another yard and #21 Chase Watkins would snag his 3rd touchdown of the day with an 8-yard run. Controversially, #3 Gatlin Brody ran in for the conversion and way taken down just inches from the line with one arm in the end zone; referees ruled this as an incomplete and failed attempt and the extra point was not given.

The Wildcats would get one last chance to even the score in the 4th and took a few hard hits along the way; getting to the end zone wouldn’t be easy. “The Hammer” (#23 Grant Largen) shook the field with a hard hit to start the final quarter of the game. Hoyas secured several backfield tackles and Wildcat #4 Christopher Geter was knocked out of bounds, as he made his way up the field. It’s #3 Marcus Romain who found the right place at the right time, splitting up the side for a 31-yard line for the touchdown. Failing to get the extra point, the score would remain 19-20 with 5:48 left in the game.

#35 Colin “The Beast” Bellomy ran for what appeared to be a clean 15-yard touchdown in one of the last plays of the game, but a penalty was called on the play and the touchdown was overruled. With 27 seconds left in the game, Wildcat #3 Marcus Romain made on last run, but in the end, the Hoyas would preserve their lead and take home a “W” after the final play.

Terrance Washington, coaching staff for the Harrison Hoyas, revealed that before this game, only 18-points were allowed in the previous 4 games combined. With the Wheeler Wildcats scoring 19-points in just one game against this offensively and defensively stacked team, it demonstrated a heart and focus that would prove to be sizeable competition for the playoffs. A final score of 19-20 would stamp a 5-game winning streak for the Harrison Hoyas, but with no question, being the closest game these boys have played all season.

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The Ultimate Rivalry

By: Tyrell Humphries

Football has always been a big deal in DeKalb County, Georgia. DeKalb County has produced many NFL players; Quincy Carter, Casey Coleman, Terance Mathis, Asher Allen, Ha’san Graham, Bruce Irvin, Kregg Lumpkin and Dwayne Harris to name a few. Talent is plentiful in the populated area and some parks and schools are just a few miles away from one another. When these close proximities occur, players get to know one another and rivalries are produced such as Gresham Park vs. Shoals Creek.

  The Gresham Park Rattlers are a storied program that has been around and have been winning for decades. When you hear recreation football in DeKalb County the first team mentioned is Gresham Park. But when there is a team on top there is someone always ready to take their place and that team is the Shoals Creek Bengals. The Bengals have been dominating the Georgia Extreme Youth Football League just like the Rattlers and they are on a collision corse that is about to crash head-on. This game is about more than two programs, more than history, more than just football…. This is about bragging rights! Only one team will get a chance to prove that they are the best team in DeKalb County this year, only one team can celebrate this victory when they go to school with players on the opposing team, only one team will have what it takes to win this game. The players and the coaches want this win more than any other game on the schedule not only because they are rivals, but because one team was disrespected.

Homecoming games were made to celebrate a team coming back to their home field after away games and are usually in the middle of the season. Homecoming games celebrate the program and the park. There are usually huge celebrations, cook-outs and many different activities going on, but most importantly there is almost always a blow-out win by the home team. Coaches choose a team that they are confident they can beat convincingly and that team is usually a program that looses a lot. Well, this season Coach Greg and The Shoals Creek Bengals chose to play the Gresham Park Rattlers on homecoming this year.

The Shoals Creek Bengals are making a statement that they are the best. Coach Greg, head coach of the Bengals, stated that they are after the so called “title” that the Rattlers were given before the season even started. Coach Pruitt, head coach of the Rattlers, said that teams are always after them so it’s nothing new. Coach Frank, the defensive coach for the Rattlers stated that this game was chosen because of the inexperience of the Shoals Creek coaching staff, the Rattlers are the best team in DeKalb county and will blow out the Bengals on their homecoming.

The rivalry is strong, football is in the air and the time for talking is over. It’s time for one team to step up and go home with a win. Every player on the field will give it everything they have to win this game, every coach will pull out several tricks to try and gain the edge, every parent will be screaming at the top of their lungs cheering for their team to win. On Saturday, October 5th it all goes down and Generation Nexxt will be there to bring never before seen coverage to these programs.

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